Brand :  Roland
Manager :  Roy Wong
Phone :  010 -6527 2126
Fax :  010 -6517 1141 
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Website :  www.roland-electroníş
Applications & Solutions

Ď╗úČTube loader and tube bending machine

Tube bending line consisting of a tube loader with weld seam detection and positioning, a robot loader and a separate tube bending machine.
The tubes are processed in a hydroforming press to rear axles. The exact position of the weld is required to ensure the stability of the rear axles.



Â■úČManufacturing of Mufflers


Detection and orientation of the weld seam in these tube ends for further processing.



╚řúČBlanking Press Line


Weld seam detection in coils in a blanking line for automotive panels.


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