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Manager :  Rocky Li
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Business activities

Benefits from one source - ELOVIS

         Opto electronics (light detection and laser diode drivers)

         Optimized digital signal processing (different types of processors)

         Optics design (also difractive optics)

         Field bus competence (Profibus, CANbus, )

         Wireless communication (e.g. Bluetooth)

         Use of micro controllers

         Analogue current sourcing logic

         Measurement technology (development, prototyping and assembly of complete measurement systems)

         Camera systems and vision technology

         CAD development (circuit design and circuit board layout)

         Construction of mechanics (3D) directly linked with circuit board layout

         Programming of  PLCs and micro controllers

         Software development for PC under Windows and Linux



From idea to volume market circuit board - ELOVIS

         High performance DSP (floating point)

         Low power DSP (fixed point) for portable applications

         Supersensitive analogue sensor systems

         Programmable logics (FPGA, CPLD)

         System interconnection/ integration (Profibus, CANbus, Ethernet)

         Wireless communication (Bluetooth, GSM, 866MHz)


Optics / Micro optics

Development of optical and micro optical components - ELOVIS

         Diffractive optical elements (Lenses, lattice, holographic elements)

         Refractive optical elements

         Design, simulation and test of complete micro optical systems

         Assembly technology


System integration

Concept and specification of complete customized systems - ELOVIS


         Design, simulation, test environment and testing

         Mechanical integration (housing, buildup technique)

         Prearrangement and accomplishment of production

If you are interested in ELOVIS competences, please send your mail,or contact our development department directly (tel. 0755-8384 2749).

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