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The new TNxxS sensors complete the system A100 by sensors, which are provided with a plug connection. The new connection cables are now available with both straight and angled connectors. The TN sensors are single-sided contacting sensors with a permanent magnet. This results in a very low energy consumption and a very fast response time. They are suitable for steel sheets and especially for tinplate. The 4 sensors TN08S, TN15S, TN30S, TN40S cover a measurement range from 0.08 to 4 mm (based on single sheet).



Cost-effective Double Sheet Detection with single probe sensors.


Single probe sensors, permanent-magnetic  

Measurement of Ferrous material .04 - 4 mm (.002in. - .16 in.) single sheet thickness

Easy setup by key operation or via control input 

LCD display for visualization of nominal / current values, operational / error messages, key allocation

Compact enclosure for DIN-rail mounting, protection class IP00

Device variations

Compact enclosure for DIN-rail mounting, protection class IP00

Compact enclosure for screw-on mounting, pluggable connections, protection class IP54

Control unit in protective enclosure, for machine mounting, protection class IP65


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