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Cost-effective Double Sheet Detection with dual head sensors


Technical data


Cost-effective Double Sheet Detection with dual head sensors.

Material thickness:

Non-contact measurement of

Ferrous materials .05- 4 mm (.002in. - .16in.),single sheet thickness

non-ferrous materials .05-12 mm (.002in. - .50in.), single sheet thickness

Measuring method:  

Dual head Double Sheet Control

Functional principle:

Dual head sensors (transmitter / receiver), inductive


1 measurement program, in memory storage

Switching threshold:

85% and 115% of nominal value

Special features:

Suitable for fluttering sheets.
Easy setup by key operation or via control input. 
LCD display for visualization of nominal / current values, operational / error messages, key allocation. 
Compact enclosure for DIN-rail mounting, protection class IP00.

? to the I100-S-WI


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