Brand :  Roland
Manager :  Roy Wong
Phone :  010 -6527 2126
Fax :  010 -6517 1141 
Email : 
Website :  www.roland-electroníş


Single probe air gap tolerant double sheet detector of ferrous materials

No force after measurement

Exchangeable sensors for sheet thickness from 0.1 to 12 mm.

Optional: Version 4P allows the connection of up to four double blank sensors


 Technical data


Double sheet detection in vacuum destacker, robot loader,
press feeder

Material thickness:

Steel: 0.1 - 12 mm (.004 - .472 in)

Measuring method:

single probe double sheet detection

Functional principle:

Electromagnetic double sheet sensor


255 measurement programs possible

Special features:

Linearized air gap tolerant double sheet sensors
Up to four double sheet sensors of the same type can be connected (Version 4P)
Short measurement cycles


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