Brand :  Roland
Manager :  Roy Wong
Phone :  010 -6527 2126
Fax :  010 -6517 1141 
Email : 
Website :  www.roland-electroníş


Modular design

Independent functions of the measurement channels

High measurement rates for precise detection

Independent real-time communication of the measurement channels with the machine PLC

Industrial interfaces for automation

Host PC for visualization and operation of the measurement channels

Device variation

- Measurement module with 1 differential channel
- Measurement module with 2 differential channels


Technical data


Non contact detection of faults, butt welds and mechanical connections in wires, cables and tubes.

Material and thickness:

All metals

Measuring method:

Eddy current measurement

Functional principle:

When the material transits the sensor, irregularities (faulty spot, connection or seam) will be detected by the changing forming of Eddy currents within the material.

Special features:

Modular structure by separation of measurement modules and Host PC.



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