Brand :  Roland
Manager :  Roy Wong
Phone :  010 -6527 2126
Fax :  010 -6517 1141 
Email : 
Website :  www.roland-electroníş


Up to 10 aluminium foil blisters in a package

Programmable for 255 different package sizes

Maximum package height 100 mm

Minimum blister size 30 x 60 mm in the transportation direction

Calibration with a teach-In procedure


Technical data


Fast detection of incorrect package filling conditions in the cartoner with up to 10 blisters

Material thickness:

Aluminium/PVC foil blister as well as alu/alu blisters

Measuring method:

Inductive eddy current principle

Functional principle:

The sealed package travels through an alternating magnetic field. The generated eddy currents are indicative of the correct or incorrect number of blisters strips in the package.



Switching threshold:

Underfill and overfill conditions

Special features:

Due to the variations in the design of transportation belts custom sensor arrangements are available.


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