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SG1000A: 4-20 mA Position Sensors Key Features                                                                                                         

? Absolute Encoder-Based Feedback
 4-20 mA Output
? Valve, Gate, or Shaft Position Feedback

       ? Non-volatile Memory
       ? UL and CE Approvals
       ? Easy 1-, 2-, or 3-Point Calibration

4-20 mA Position Sensors Product Overview

All five Position Feedback Monitors in the SG1000 Series provide independent and accurate feedback of slide gate or valve position to an external device such as a PLC or optional TR400SGA Remote Display Unit. Models are housed in a rugged, explosion proof cast aluminum enclosure that is dirt, dust, and grease proof, and is water resistant.  In the case of a power failure, all SG1000s are designed to retain accurate gate position.




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