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ST420(4-20 mA Shaft Speed Sensors)

ST420  4-20 mA Shaft Speed Sensors

  ? 2-wire, loop-powered 4-20 mA analog output
  ? No user calibration: works right out of the box
  ? Works with shaft-mounted pulser targets (disc/wrap)
  ? Rugged stainless steel M18x1 housing
  ? Reverse-wiring protected
  ? UL listed, Intrinsically Safe (IS)  
  ? Class I, Div I (C, D) Class II, Div I (E, F, G)



The patented ST420 detects passing magnets of a shaft-mounted pulser disc or wrap and outputs a smooth, continuous 4-20 mA analog signal in direct proportion to shaft rotation speed.Custom speed and pulser disc/wrap PPR ST420 models are available upon request.

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