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MTS-200/300 Tilt Switches

MTS Tilt Switches and SCU-200 Control Unit



  ? Easy to install, requires little maintenance
  ? Control unit interfaces with any tilt switch probe
  ? Advanced solid state electronic circuitry
  ? Intrinsically safe control unit available
  ? Adjustable time delay prevents false indication


MTS tilt switches are welded steel probes commonly used with the SCU-200 Control Unit to create a system used to sense the presence or absence of any bulk material. Typical applications include: high or low bin level alarms, detection of transfer chute plug-up, control of material depth in crusher bowls, and the sensing of alarm conditions in rock box, screen classifier, etc.

The SCU-200 Control Unit provides a safe low voltage power source for any of Electro-Sensors? tilt switch probes. Input from the probe is switch selectable so that either tilted or vertical position may be selected as "safe". The opposite position results in alarm, following an adjustable 1-99 second relay output delay. The delay assures reliable performance, free from false alarms, because only a sustained change in the probe position will initiate an alarm. Lamps are mounted on the face of the enclosure to indicate the SAFE/ALARM status of the output relay (5 Amp DPDT). The control is failsafe; relay failure or power loss causes an immediate alarm.

MTS-200: Standard-duty steel probe and 8? of cable.
Standard-duty steel probe with a steel hanger and 8? of cable.
Heavy-duty steel probe and 8? of cable.
Heavy-duty steel probe with a steel hanger and 8? of cable.
Standard-duty stainless steel probe with a steel hanger and 8? of cable.
Heavy-duty stainless steel probe and 8? of cable.
 Heavy-duty stainless steel probe with a steel hanger and 8? of cable.


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