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Non-contact Length Gauge - ?SPEED-classic - MID 2004/22/EC standard

Non-contact length measurement - Laser doppler technology

length measurement system processing unit and display?Speed Smartsensor

The ?SPEED-classic consists of a small sensor head(154x94x39mm) and a processing unit. Both components are connected by a pluggable cable. The processing unit includes a display with two lines for showing the actual length and speed as well as signal qualiy or other parameters. The sensor system, which is accredited by the national German metrological institution (PTB) since 1999 (since October 2006 the certification is accepted EU qualification approval, since 2008 also according to MID (measurment instruments directive) 2004/22/EC standard), is unique regarding its size, reliability, ease of use, lifetime, various control functions and accessories. The system is used as a portable gauge for calibration of machine encoders but also for cut-to-length control to equip older machines with so far manual driven cutting devices. A RS232 printer can be connected directly to the processing unit for printing out customer specific labels or measurement protocols. ?SPEED-classic is available as 110VDC and 230VDC version and gives out direct length and speed data via RS232 interfaces or via analogue or pulse output. The system can furthermore process control signals via opto isolated in- and output interfaces.

Technical data

speed range

0 m/min to 3600 m/min 1)

typ. accuracy

0.05 % 2)

stand-off distance/    
depth of field

120 mm 5 mm ( 20 mm)
240 mm 10 mm ( 40 mm)
480 mm 20 mm ( 80 mm) 3)


1x RS 232 uni-directional (printer)
1x RS 232 bi-directional (PC-COM)
I?C-Bus (special applications)
option - diverse Bus-Systems available (Profibus, Device-Net, Ethernet, ...)


analogue 0 ... 4 V (programmable)
pulse 1 ... 10.000 per meter
open collector; 2x stop contacts
(pre-/end-contact), 1x alarm


interlock, start, stop, direction, gate


230 VAC / 110 VAC

protection category

sensor head IP 65
processing unit IP 44

laser diode

25 mW, 780 nm (class 3B)

(L x H x W)

sensor head 154 x 94 x 39 mm
processing unit 180 x 144 x 96 mm


sensor head 1 kg; processing unit 2.5 kg


1) achievable with ?SPEED-classic-S1 to S60 in combination with accessory ?SPEED-IMP - option: non-contact direction recognition
2) length 5m (1); L 10m (2); L 20m (3);  high accuracy  for shorter lengths achievalbe by accessory ?SPEED-PLB 
3) values in brackets can cause reduced accuracy

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