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Standard Air Knife

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CE CompliantStandard Air Knife?

Hard hitting curtain of air for web, sheet and part blowoff.

What is the Standard Air Knife?
A quiet, energy efficient way to clean, dry or cool parts, webs or conveyors. The Standard Air Knife utilizes the coanda effect (wall attachment of a high velocity fluid) to create air motion in its surroundings. Using a small amount of compressed air as a power source, the Standard Air Knife pulls in large volumes of surrounding air to produce a high flow, high velocity curtain of air for blowoff.

Why the Standard Air Knife?
Amplification ratios (entrained air to compressed air) of 30:1 are achieved with the Standard Air Knife, compared to 3:1 for drilled or slotted pipe.
Air savings of 40% to 90%are possible when replacing these "homemade" blowoff devices. Pay-out is normally measured in weeks, not months or years. The Standard Air Knife dramatically reduced "wind shear" by gradually introducing the entrained air to the ejected compressed air.

Noise level is typically cut in half.
The result is a high velocity, high volume sheet of air with reduced noise level and air consumption.

Overall length is 1" (25mm) longer that the airflow length. The Standard Air Knife is available in aluminum and stainless steel.

Drilled pipe or open jets, by contrast, provide minimal air amplification. They also produce unacceptably high noise levels as the compressed air shears into the still air.

  • 30:1 air amplification
  • No moving parts to wear out
  • Compressed air inlet on each end
  • Special length Standard Air Knives available

Meets or Exceeds OSHA Requirements

(3) Model 2012 12" (305mm)
Standard Air Knives perform the drying cycle in this parts washer.&acuteA
A Model 2012 12" (305mm)

Standard Air Knife opens mustard packets prior to fill.The Super Air Knife blows contaminants from leather.
The Standard Air Knife blows contaminants from leather.


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